PHP FANN 1.1.0RC2 released

Another FANN RC with PHP 7 support has been released. It fixes issue with Windows build – C89 compat.

PHP FANN 1.1.0RC1 released

The first RC with PHP 7 support has been released. In addition to that it also fixes an incorrect permission check issue.

OpenSSL AEAD support RFC accepted

My latest RFC for adding AEAD support to PHP OpenSSL extension has just been accepted. It means that PHP will have that support in PHP 7.1.


I have been using on AWS since 2014.

PHP Crypto 0.2.2 released

Another bug fixing version of PHP Crypto has just been released. If fixes missing CCM cipher algorithms with OpenSSL 1.0.1.

PHP Crypto 0.2.1 released

The new version of PHP Crypto has been released. It fixes C89 compatibility which caused compilation issue on Windows for PHP 5.

PHP Crypto 0.2.0 released

New version of PHP Crypto extension has been released. It’s almost a complete rewrite of version 0.1 with support for PHP 7. HMAC and CMAC algorithms as well as CCM mode en/decryption have been fixed.

PHP JSOND in the core

The PHP JSOND based extension has been accepted as a replacement for the core JSON extension in .

PHP JSOND 1.3.0 released

PHP JSOND has been added to PECL and new version has been released. It’s a drop-in alternative to the standard PHP JSON extension. The JSON parser has been completely rewritten using Bison and re2c tools. The performance and memory usage for json_decode have been significantly improved. In addition it’s licensed under PHP 3.01 license.


PHP JSOND is a PHP JSON extension with the latest features of PHP JSON extension. The extension is on Github.