PHP Crypto announced on the internal mailing list

The PHP Crypto has been announced on PHP internal mailing list

PHP FANN 1.0.0 released

PHP FANN has been released. It’s initial stable version supports libfann version 2.1 and 2.2.

Site rebuilding

The site rebuilding has begun. I plan to completely improve the website and connect it with my GitHub account.


JSO is an extended JSON parser. JSO stands for JavaScript Object which should symbolize that addition JavaScript object value types are parsed as well.

PHP Crypto

PHP Crypto is an objective wrapper for OpenSSL Crypto library. The extension is on Github.


PHP FANN is a PHP wrapper for FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network) library. The extension is available on PECL and the code can be found on

Bmin 1.0.1

The new release that fixes a bug in Boolean 3D n-cube

Bmin 1.0.0

The first stable version of Bmin was released. The main difference from version 0.6.0 is that in addition to other improvements there is now a Windows installer included. Moreover, some of the bugs in the previous version have been fixed.

Bmin 0.6.0

A new version of Bmin, which is based on my thesis. Compared to the previous version the 3D Boolean n-cube is back. The latest main features are support for the PLA format and simulation of Espresso algorithm.

Bmin 0.5.0

Finally the new version of Bmin is released. The biggest change is a new Karnaugh map. The other features are visualization of Quine–McCluskey algorithm, a wizard for creating new logic function, including the option of setting CNF mode as well as many other changes. However, the 3D cube was temporarily removed due to a complete […]